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We offer Patio washing and treatment across Lincolnshire.

As a fully insured and experienced external cleaning company, we believe in cutting no corners when it comes to patio refurbishment. We use the best equipment and treatments on the market to ensure excellent, long-term results. 

Your patio should be an extension of your living space, where you can enjoy yourself and entertain guests. We’ll make sure it looks great whilst you do. 


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Make Your Patio Look Like New! 


Having a dirty patio can hold you back from hosting guests or spoil your enjoyment of sitting outside and enjoying the (rainy) British weather.

It can also lead to a few issues, especially if there is a build-up of moss or lichen.

Having an area that is clean, bright and sanitary can make all the difference to your garden.

We offer a full cleaning package at competitive prices covering the whole of Lincolnshire.

Our pricing is simple and fair, we don’t quote a job based on the size of the house or the car on the drive like some companies… It’s all down to square meterage.

We’ll even work where accessing the area that requires cleaning is difficult. We bring everything we need to do the job. 

Once we’ve quoted for a job, we honour it, even if the cleaning takes longer, the price stays the same for the size of the area.

Professional Patio Cleaning In Lincolnshire

Depending on where your patio is some sections may be dirtier than others.

Shaded Patios:

Having a shaded patio is lovely for those hot days but this can result in black lichen attaching to the porous surface of the slabs. These look like large black spots.

These are the main source of calls we get as they become large, unsightly and very noticeable. The good news is, we can treat them to look like new! 

Patios In Direct Sunlight:

If your patio is in a sunny area you tend to find that black spots that have developed over the winter months will die and become bleached from the sun resulting in white spots that are very hard to remove.

The Cleaning Process:

Depending on how dirty the area is and what type of lichen is present affects how we clean the area.

  • More often than not we start with a full pressure wash of the area with our flat surface cleaner. This removes most of the moss and algae that will have formed in the joints.
  • We then clean the tops of the slabs so we can get a clear picture of what treatments we need to proceed with.
  • For black spots and white lichen, we use a chemical treatment to kill and suppress any further black spotting. This is known as a soft wash.
  • After the treatment has dwelled for 15-30 minutes for heavily soiled areas it is then thoroughly rinsed.
    Once the area has dried completely it is safe to walk on.

Boston Jet Wash is the only choice for your patio clean in Lincolnshire


Came promptly to give a quote after my phone call, measured up, gave me a price and within a few days was able to fit me in for the job due to a cancellation.
Really good service, professional and punctual. No hesitation in recommending it. I can’t believe the difference!

Christina Ivett


Excellent job I’m very pleased Chris is a very professional and friendly young man

Royston Curtis


I asked Chris to quote for pressure washing all our paving slabs and patio, he gave us a competitive quote which we accepted. We agreed a date and time, he arrived early to set up all his equipment, he performed a first-class service – my paving stones were extremely dirty and now they are brilliantly clean. I found Chris to be very friendly, easy to work with, very professional, passionate and very customer-focused and orientated. I will certainly be offering him other work in the future. I can personally recommend Chris for any work he undertakes.

Barrie Pierpoint

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