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Thorough Cleaning. No Damage. No Shortcuts.

Roof cleaning prevents the build-up of harmful moss, reduces blocked guttering/downpipes and prevents water ingress and damp problems in the future.

We apply a protective layer of biocide that can keep your roof moss-free for years to come.

Unlike other companies, we bring our own equipment to safely and effectively scrape and treat your roof with good old elbow grease. This eliminates the risk of damage that power washing can do.

Why Should You Get Your Roof Cleaned?


Having a moss-covered roof looks unsightly, but it can also cause further problems down the line with thick moss wicking up moisture via capillary action, leading to water ingress, degradation of tiles and a lot of unnecessary standing weight applying pressure to the structure of your home.

Moss lets moisture underneath the tiles and that starts eating away at the roof lining.

The second biggest issue is falling moss. You may have noticed it on your patio or driveway, especially after high winds, rainfall or storms.

Falling moss will look unsightly in your garden and clogs up your gutters and downpipes. This will usually lead to damp issues within your home and harmful black mould can form. This can be completely avoided.

Learn more about our gutter cleaning service.

Having your roof cleaned can drastically improve the life expectancy of the tiles and roof lining.

Roof cleaning is normally a one-off service that will only require a top-up of treatment in a few years’ time to keep the roof moss free, making it exceptional value and avoiding long term issues that can result from standing moss.


Professional Roof Cleaning In Lincolnshire

Many people think that any pressureised water on your roof will lead to leaking, but this isnt the case, gentle pressure can clean all the moss, algae andf lichen off your roof leaving it clean and fresh ready for a protective biocide treatment.

We start by carrying out a brief survey of the roof to inspect for any damage before starting any work, this gives both us and the customer peace of mind for the roof clean.

Once we have chosen a date for your roof clean we will first build our access tower, in most cases, we don’t want to be on the roof at all.
Any pressure on your roof at the wrong angle can lead to broken tiles so the majority of our work is carried out from a 9.5m access tower. Sometimes we do have to go onto the roof with a CAT ladder if a particular section is inaccessible.
This type of ladder gives the most protection to your roof by utilising multiple points of contact and is designed for this purpose.

Now to the actual cleaning, we use a tailor-made set of roof scraping blades designed by manufacturers to fit nearly all makes of tile that we see on homes today.
Using these custom-fit blades we scrape the roof tiles free of any large pockets of moss, some small flakes off moss will remain but these will be dealt with by the biocidal treatment.

Once to roof has been scraped of any large moss and lichen deposits we move onto the Biocide treatment.
We do use different treatments depending on the type of tile and the main colonisation(moss, lichen etc)
Our treatments are applied with a flocked soft bristle water fed brush giving us maximum control over where the chemical gets applied.
We start at the bottom of the roof and work our way up to prevent streaking and ensure even coverage of biocide.

Choose Boston Jet Wash for your roof clean today!


I would highly recommend Boston Jet Wash. Everything was explained well so I knew what to expect throughout, and Chris did a brilliant job, very hardworking . Thank you!

Katie M


Brilliant service today from Chris. Good communication from initial booking would highly recommend.

Maria Brown


I can highly recommend Boston Jet Wash. My driveway and patio look amazing and I am so pleased with the end result. Chris was very friendly and helpful and kept me informed throughout the cleaning process. I would definitely use him again.

Wendy Taylor

What To Expect From a Boston Jet Wash Roof Clean:

  • Complete honesty. We’re an experienced and thorough company that charges an honest rate for quality service. We’ll be very open about the results you can expect. 
  • Attention to detail: We use the best equipment in the industry and work hard to get the best possible results for you, without cutting corners.
  • When you have your roof cleaned by us you can expect the utmost care is taken to ensure the best possible finish.
  • We can ensure a moss-free roof for up to 5 years.
  • The biocide treatment is backed by the manufacturer for 5 years when applied to your roof. We always advise that this is dependent on location and tree cover which we will honestly advise on.
  • We will do everything we can to give you the best possible clean that exceeds your expectations at a reasonable price.
  • Our roof cleans are also backed by our 5-star rated customer service. (read our reviews here)
  • If there is any re-colonisation of moss or lichen on your roof we will arrange to come back out and re-treat the area for free!
  • Boston Jetwash is proud to say that excellent customer service is what we strive for.

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