Exterior Cleaning Services


Below you can find all of
the services
we offer.

From making pathways
safe in winter to deep
cleaning a patio for you
and your family to enjoy
over the summer.

Pressure Washing External Surfaces, Cleaning Roofs & Gutters.

Block Paving Driveway Restore

Restore your block paving driveway back to its former glory with our quick and efficient cleaning service.

Our deep clean removes moss, lichen, algae and weeds all in one and is certain to leave you the envy of the street.

Patio Restoration Service

Patios can become a slimy and slippery surface over the winter months.

We  offer a chemical treatment to ensure your patio surface is clean and clear for years to come.


Decking Cleaning & Treatment

Decking is a great addition to any property but it does need regular maintenance.

We offer our cleaning services to ensure your decking is pristine, protected and sealed.

Roof Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive roof cleaning service which is both delicate and thourough.

Roofs are scraped to remove any large moss and algae colonies and then treated to kill any remaining spores leaving your roof to naturally lighten over time

Gutter Cleaning

Winter can leave your gutters full to the brim with moss and leaves, its always a good idea to get your gutters cleaned to ensure water runs freely away from your property.

We use a gutter vac system so we can normally clean all gutters un under an hour.


Render Cleaning

Render on your property can turn green and even red over time with cvairous types of algae clinging to the porus surface.

We offer a chemical treatment to restore your render back to its former glory.


Paving Cleaning

Paving around the house can become discoloured and dirty over time, especially in areas hidden from the sun such as side alleys and walkways.

We offer a full cleaning service to ensure these areas are clean and safe to walk on all year round.


Pressure Washing

We don’t just use our equipment and skills for paving and patios.

We can offer our pressure washing services for all manner of exterior cleaning applications.

Please call for a quote on any job.


Grafiti Removal

Graffiti can be very unsightly especially when its in bad taste.

We can remove nearly all types of graffiti without damaging the surface.

These types of jobs do require extra cleaning compounds so please call for a quote.

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Areas We cover

We cover a wide area around Boston Lincolnshire.
Our radius is roughly 20 miles around Boston but we will always try to accommodate our customers just outside our catchment area.

We try and keep our coverage as local as possible to keep our prices competitive.

 We cover;

  • Boston
  • Stickney
  • Spilsby
  • Tattershall
  • Heckington
  • Swineshead
  • Donnington
  • Spalding
  • Holbeach

We cover all the areas above and everywhere in between.

 If you do fall out of our catchment area please don’t hesitate to call us to get a quote.

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